Nomination for the Ordinary People – Extraordinary Outcomes Award

Wisdom University–
Sacred Activism Conference

Dame Phyllis Rodin


Phyllis Rodin is a person who has an extraordinary soul. In her 90's with her video camera, she works on documentary stories about important issues of our time. Her quest for peace and compassion has been with her since she worked with Hiroshima survivors after the World War II. Being an eyewitness to the aftermath of the bomb, she is passionate to end war on this planet. Wanting to give her anti-war pro-peace philosophy a forum, last year she ran for mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Young people who are attracted to her receive a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. She is an archetypal wise woman in that she is the ruler of her own personal power, an intellectual who uses her will power to overcome the dark, ignorant forces that seem to be holding the world on the brink of social and environmental collapse.

I know many people who Phyllis has taught the art of self- healing through self- knowledge. She knows that the way to understand the pattern of unbalance in the present is to look at the past, not only from a historical perspective but from a personal point of view that sees the individual soul as eternal. In this respect, she is a reader of past lives.

Phyllis has been a great mentor of my work and helped me to develop into a person who cares deeply for the fate of the Earth. She was the only one who cared greatly about my work while we were graduate students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in Future Students. She listened to and edited my essays. During this editing process, she helped to expanded my awareness on various subjects and helped me develop my Neutopian philosophy and vision of lovolution, (the evolution of revolution; a non-violent world-wide transformation from an unsustainable fossil fuel based lifestyle into a sustainable 21 st century green, human rights, pro-democracy lifestyle).

Perhaps the most important contribution Phyllis has made in my life is that she taught me how to love beauty and truth. For more than two decades, our friendship has been based on the wisdom beauty and truth has to offer humanity in designing the good society.

If the life force on this planet is to survive and overcome the threats of pollution, nuclear power and war, it will be because of the driving force within people such as Dame Phyllis Rodin. Every young intellectual woman needs to find an older woman like Phyllis to be guided beyond the trappings that deceive us into materialism or romantic illusions or patriarchal beliefs that stop us from becoming whole human beings who are capable of participating in conscious evolution. Fearless Phyllis encouraged me to join the struggle for liberation through her luminous example.

Doctress Neutopia
photo by Anne Griffin