Life Force Paintings

Artist Statement:

Watercolor painting is divine. After working with oils, acrylics, woodcut prints, pastels and photography, watercolor became my medium of choice because I recognized its divinity. Watercolor paintings are a reflection of who we are because they are made out of the cosmic substance of life! I say this because our bodies are made up mostly of water and also of minerals. These are two elements needed to make watercolor paintings.

Watercolor pigments are classified in two groups: inorganic and organic. But what makes the pigments flow is water, just like in our bodies. Water is the element necessary for life, and for art. Pigments allow form to exist, much the way that minerals that make up our bodies create containers in which the holy stream of life can constantly move through us.

The forms that take shape in my paintings flow from me like waves in the ocean. They are meditations on the core of who I am. The figures that emerge always surprise me because I'm not sure where they are coming from. After years of wondering about this, I came across the Gaia Hypothesis and realized that perhaps the microcosmic world of microorganisms were speaking to me via the watercolor paintings. After all, we are made up of networks of microorganisms. So it only makes sense that they might want to express themselves through us.

Another reason I believe watercolor to be a divine medium is because it uses a non-toxic solvent. Much of what I have learned through the images that surface is that everything is interconnected and involved in a great energy and gas exchange. Waste of one organism is food for another. What a simple message the microorganisms within me have revealed, but how difficult it is to follow their wisdom and live as purely and holy as water. Unless our civilization learns, and learns quickly, this simple truth, our species might not be around much longer to continue to taste the drink of life.