Conceptual Art Works



I’m looking for art gallery space for the following conceptual pieces.

This Land is Their Land

In this piece signs such as “Private Property,” “For Sale,” “Keep off the Grass,” “For Rent,” “For Sell by Owner,” “Posted Keep Out, “No Trespassing,” “No Parking,” is up on the walls. In the center of the gallery is a water foundation with a sign that reads on it, “25 cents.” Another sign reads, “Drink at your Own Risk, Uranium tailings.” In the background is the song by Woody Guthrie “This Land is Your Land.”

Have and Have Nots: What They Don’t Have

This piece deals with having large posters of Houses of the Rich and Famous on the walls of the gallery. Like sculpture placed around the gallery are objects that are luxury items in the Third World, but common objects in the First World. Such items could be: A shower stall, a stove, a telephone, a computer, movie tickets, medicine, and food. Then there would be neon signs flashing in red between the posters such as, "Extinction," "Genocide," "Weapons of Mass Destruction."

photo: Neutopia in Malibu, California. She is in need of a key that unlocks the barbed wired gated wall to the beach.




Human Extinction or Lovolution?