Lovolution Sculpture Idea




October 28, 2004


Dear Mr. Robert Indiana,

I saw your “love” art exhibit in Scottsdale, Arizona and was inspired by it. Two decades ago, I coined the term Lovolution and I am still developing the concept. Lovolution is a word I believe is needed to enact a paradigm shift in consciousness and positive action. Lovolution is a non-violent, worldwide spiritual revolution; the evolution of revolution; world movement for social and economic freedom and justice.

Over the year, I have given the word in person to presidential candidates Ralph Nader and Denis Kucinich, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, musician James Tyman, Neal Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God series, and theologian Matthew Fox who is founder of the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California.

But in order to get it into the vocabulary of the public takes another tactic. I feel that if we could produce material in creative ways with the word on it, like you did with the Love series, we could capture the imagination of another generation who would resonant with the need for Lovolution in their lives. Love isn’t enough these days, Lovolution, the collective action of love, is what we need to advance the human species.

I’m wondering if you would be interested in collaborating with me on this project. Lovolution needs someone of your stature and artistic talent to help it come alive. If you are interested, please call or write me. To learn more about my art, and me please review my web site, www.lovolution.net.

Warm Blessings,
Doctress Neutopia
aka Libby Hubbard, Ed.D





Human Extinction or Lovolution?