Army Wrong 2007

Army Wrong is a series of images that were made from military propaganda that I picked up at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona . The pamphlets are designed to make one think how great it would be to be a soldier who is paid to defend the cause of democracy and freedom throughout the world. They make you think that by joining the military they will train you for a meaningful job or it would be a way to develop your artist talents or be taught to use cutting edge technology which you can use after you go back to civilian life.

When educational degree's cost thousands of dollars and more and more people have less and less money because of vast inequality of wealth and poverty in the US, how economically tempting it is for young, desperate, and confused people to be persuaded by the pamphlets to risk their lives in order to gain a career. The military promises to give you money to pay back student loans which is another temptation to people who are deeply indebt. They make you think that by joining the military and being a “citizen-soldier” you will gain your freedom and be able to actualize your dreams by becoming a military doctor, lawyer, musician or videographer. One pamphlet reads “Do the work you love to do.” It continues, “You don't have to be a starving artist.” But it doesn't question the social framework of a culture that lets artists, musicians, and other creative people starve to death on the streets of the world's richest nation-state. How free is that?

In America, “starving artists” don't have the economic and social support required to produce a true genius culture because our money is misdirected with most of the federal budget being stolen from programs that would support people's creative potential and instead it goes into a war machine which has over the last four years, wasted billions of dollars and thousands of lives. The army of depleted uranium weapons, tanks, guns, and fighter jets, needs to be transformed into an organization that manifests dreams in both the individual and in our collective consciousness. It needs to morph into an army of Lovolution whose mission it is to protect and defend the Planet Earth.

We, as a species have serious obstacles to overcome. Now, if we are going to survive in peace there needs to be a paradigm shift in the meaning of security and protection by seeing that what we need to do to secure and protect ourselves is to work for the betterment and liberation of the entire human species. The enemy is ignorance about our true human natures. To build a world where everyone has the time and resources to self-actualize means we need to re-order the world by basing the structure of civilization on human rights and the laws of love. This is the way to heal our collective body that has been wounded by centuries of war. This the way to overcome the sorrow brought about by living in an oppressive and violent culture. To re-build Baghdad as a model of a non-violent culture surround by a beautiful arcology (ecological city) and organic gardens gives positive direction to the army of Lovolution.

Until the army of war morphs into an army of Lovolution, the lies will continue because the truth is that if you join the army of war, you will be trained to be a killer, not only of your own inner higher self, but of others--your brothers and sisters around the world. Joining the army of war and nationalism is the opposite of the true meaning of education and art. So, to save us all, join the army of Lovolution and be a true artist of life!