Arcology as a Focal Point for the Wheel of Cocreation


I attended the Day of Cocreation workshop given last October (2004) in Sedona, AZ with Barbara Marx Hubbard.

I enjoyed her explaining the Wheel of Cocreation to us as a model of whole-systems design. The spokes of the wheel are the various disciplines that make the system work. At the hub of the wheel are the words “emerging design” or “design for a positive future.” She asked us to get in touch with our sacred vocations, the great work we were called to do. Then she asked us to join one of the spoke groups that best fit our vocational needs. Those of us who didn’t fit into any of the categories could be in her group.

When it was time to join a group, I was puzzled and confused to which group I could best serve. Was it the habitat group or the government group? Maybe it was the media group. I felt drawn to all of them. Every field on the Wheel of Cocreation had some resonance with me in my vocation of holistic thought. But my heart was drawn to Barbara’s misfit group because my sacred vocation, Future Studies, is a visionary art. I thought the center of the wheel might be the appropriate place for futurists, guides to making a good world based on beauty and truth. It was the place of intersections, a place of cosmic philosophy and vision.

On the Evolve Web site I read a recent article by Barbara that said that she had problems with feeling unrecognized. Only until she started to accept her self and recognize the person who she was did she start to feel recognized. This statement resonates powerfully with me, because at the workshop I didn’t have the courage to ask Barbara if I could be the only person in her group. It seemed obvious to me to be a futurist of her caliber, something divine had to happen. It wasn’t something that I could will into existence, one had to be recognized to be in such a position within the wheel. So I joined the government group. Unfortunately, my ideas didn’t fit into that niche, as I somehow knew they wouldn’t, and my contribution and participation were a disappointment for me and probably to the others as well.

The vision I had is that in the center of the Wheel of Cocreation is arcology, an evolved image of ecological architecture that works on a whole-systems design. Why is arcology at the center of the wheel? Not only because it is an “emerging design” and a “design for a positive future” but because it is a specific workable blueprint, a concrete design program of the spiritual becoming material.

It is the hub that shelters and holds together the dream of humanity, which is a utopian existence for all and an understanding of the totality of our existence. Arcology is like no other blueprint that has ever existed on Earth, but it has been part of our collective unconsciousness since the dawn of civilization. It is the outer expression of our genius code, the internal plan of our creation. It requires more synergy between us than has ever appeared on Earth. It means revolutionizing our labor force to move in an entirely new direction. Truly building arcology is a process of birth. The gestation period has taken thousands of years, lifetimes of knowledge to reach the point of having the technological know how and human wisdom to design a whole-systems world view.

Arcology moves us from one time frame to the next. It gives us a container that not only allows us to live at peace with nature on Earth, but propels us towards living and exploring in peace Outer Space, and inhabiting worlds without end.

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