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Visualizing the “good city” which has come to mean to me the visionary work of Paolo Soleri's arcology and Richard Register's ecocity, I realized the need for a new type of “container” to house humanity. Such a visionary container is radically different than the pattern of development of civilization thus far--a civilization type that is quickly leading humanity down the road of species termination due in most simple terms to overconsumption of the natural resources in our increasingly overpopulated and over militarized world.

Even though I had seen Paolo Soleri's version of an arcology, a vertical, contained city design, I was not satisfied with its social structure, and other factors. Then, when I came upon Anodea Judith's Wheel of Life, a book outlining the ancient chakra energy system within the human body, I noticed the potential for the use of chakrology in the design of a new kind of arcology.

Making the analogy between the various internal organs in the human body and the internal parts of an ecocity, such as the transportation system or the communication networks, I received a clear image of the future. Taking the analogy one step further, by understanding the chakra system to be a map of holistic health, I saw that different chakras not only represent different levels of the ecocity but different spheres of the Earth and the Universe (see below).

Our present urban sprawl cities, which reflect carcinogenic tumors more than a healthy immunity system that protects human life, are woefully inadequate for the visualization of an ecocity. One must use the third eye chakra that transcends our current political, social, economic, and environmental chaos in order to see a truly new and harmonious city. The purpose of the yoga of architecture is to provide a map of the interiorization of arcology, so that we can begin to map our way out of the species catastrophe that threatens our very survival. Arcology can and must be built by adapting this ancient spiritual mapping system.

Much of the chakra map below was compiled by Judith and other internet chakrologists. What I have contributed to the map is the architectural component needed to move us from a Type 0 civilization of economic and ecological break down to a Type 1 civilization that solves global problems through building a network of arcologies.

In America, yoga has emerged as a major alternative practice involving inner knowledge and self reflection. If we can begin to incorporate the yoga of architecture as part of a meditation practice, we will evolve the purpose of yoga from the individual to the social, and specifically the architectural. As more and more of us begin to practice the yoga of architecture meditation, the closer we will be to creating the force needed to manifest an ecocity that frees the human spirit from ages of oppression, slavery, and war.

The yoga of architecture will also allow a new morphic field to arise. A morphogenic field is a non-material field that guides the physical formation of organisms and their cultures.

Collage Image from: Soleri's City in the Image of Man, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Flower of Life and Flickr photographer, Greg Kruk

Yoga of Architecture: Chakrology
From Isolation to Universal Consciousness

Base or Root Chakra: Foundation of arcology
[Whole cell thought = Earth cell = Gaia = Life-force]

Rainbow Color : red
Architectural symbol : greenhouse, garden, kitchen
Element/Sense : earth, smell
Identity: person/planet, microcosm/macrocosm
Orientation: self-preservation, survival instincts, groundedness
Location: base of the spine (skeletal system)
Endocrine System: adrenal glands
Musical Tone: lam; connects you with the Earth below your feet, survival
Geometric Form: square within the circle, hexahedron
Sphere: lithosphere or geosphere (rock sphere inside Earth)
Words : innocence, soil, Earth chakra

Navel or Sacral Chakra: Passion needed to complete the act of creating arcology [Whole body wellness]

Rainbow color: orange
Architectural symbol: circulation, water and transportation systems
Element/Sense : water, taste
Identity: center of emotions and pleasure, soul
Orientation: self-gratification and justice; fluidity and grace
Location: just below navel
Endocrine System: ovaries/gonads
Musical Tone: vam, connects you to your emotions and sexuality
Geometric Form: icosahedron
Sphere: hydrosphere (water sphere which includes rivers, lakes and the ocean)
Words : creativity [thought to be the seat of prana], water chakra

Power, Solar Plexus Chakra: investing in the idea of arcology by putting energy and will into its creation
[World Energy Grid]

Rainbow color: yellow
Architectural symbol: world-wide solar energy grid
Element/Sense : fire, seeing, plasma
Identity: inner self, center of self-esteem
Orientation: self-definition, personal power, will, autonomy, and metabolism
Location: between navel and sternum below ribs
Endocrine System: pancreas & adrenals (vital to digestion)
Musical Tone: ram; connects and aligns the energy center in your body with your spirit and intellect
Geometric Form: tetrahedron
Sphere: biosphere (life sphere)
Words : evolution; earth life chakra

Heart Chakra: Love for the idea of a network of arcologies as a structure for our planetary salvation
[Evolutionary Loving Partnerships]

Rainbow color : green
Architectural symbol: child care and learning centers
Element/Sense : air, touch, clairsentience
Identity: social
Orientation: conflict resolution, love, peace, compassion, centeredness, humor, balance
Location: just over the sternum (heart)
Endocrine System: thymus gland (controls the immune system, T-cells)
Musical Tone: yam--connects spirit to your physical body; allows love to channel into your inner self and out to the external world of others.
Geometric Form : octahedron
Sphere: atmosphere (air sphere)
Word : security (financial and safety), sacred breath chakra

Throat Chakra: Share ideas about living in arcology with others, oral and written
[Communication ]

Rainbow Color: blue
Architectural symbol: media and creative arts centers, and the Internet
Element/Sense : sound, clairaudience
Identity: creative/collective, “inner mental ear”
Orientation: communication, commitment, and creativity
Endocrine System: thyroid gland (responsible for growth and maturation)
Musical Tone: ham, connects you to psychic truths
Geometric Form: dodecahedron
Sphere: noosphere (thinking layer of the Earth)
Word : collectivity; earth moon chakra

Third Eye or Brow Chakra: Visualized ideas, blueprints of arcology
[Global consciousness—Holocracy]

Rainbow color: indigo
Architectural symbol: network of arcologies
Element/Sense : light, clairvoyance
Identity: archetypes, intuition, imagination, higher mental abilities, wisdom
Orientation: astral body, neurons
Location: central forehead
Endocrine System: pineal gland (produces psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine, and secretes melatonin, a hormone that may help regulate the wake-sleep cycle)
Musical Tone : sham; connects you with divine wisdom and the future
Geometric Form : metatron's cube
Sphere: anthrosphere (humans and our constructions)
Words : forgiveness, earth sun chakra

Crown Chakra: Architectural ideas, the arcology of love
[Cosmic Order--Sacred Geometry—Akashic Record]

Rainbow color: violet
Architectural symbol: observatory dome
Element/Sense : abstract thought (fifth element—ether, dark energy)
Identity: universal computer, genius, enlightenment, oneness, understanding
Orientation: self-knowledge, life purpose, and spiritual path
Location: top of the head
Endocrine System: pituitary gland (master gland), secretes endorphins for positive mood
Musical Tone: aum; Connects energy body to spirit; sensitive to light
Geometric Form: spin on Earth's axis
Sphere: Sphere (outside or heavenly sphere)
Words : integration; Earth's axis chakra




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