Volunteer Staff

Doctress Neutopia aka Libby Hubbard is a doctor of future studies from the University of Massachussetts at Amherst. Her dissertation, Gaia, The Planetary Religion: The Sacred Marriage of Art and Science, is inspired by the idea that Planet Earth is on the verge of reproduction by the creation of closed-ecosystem environments such as Biosphere 2 and the possibility of Outspace Arcologies. A model of how we could live in Outer Space reflects the way we must live on Earth by recycling ecosystems.

Wayne Sumstine is cofounder of Lovolution Village with Doctress Neutopia. Wayne is a visual artist who is current working on a series of painters dealing with String Theory, shamanism, and the interconnection between everything in the Cosmos. He is the cooderator of the Yaqui village relief effort.

Jeff Buderer, Lovolution Village Communication and Sustainability consultant. Jeff lived and worked at Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's experimental arcology for three years. Since then he has continued to follow sustainable technology trends and is a consultant and newsletter editor for the One Village Foundation.

Dr. Batya Weinbaum, editorial assistant. Batya is a visual artist, writer, and the founding editor of Femspec magazine. She is a utopian scholar who has lived in numerous intentional communities. She has taught multi-cultural literature at Cleveland State University.




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Eutopia or Oblivion?