Press Release


September 5, 2005
Tucson, Arizona

To Whom It May Concern:

The lack of political vision on how to construct a peaceful ecological city has left us in a vision vacuum. Despairing that there is nothing we can do to avoid catastrophe overwhelms many Americans and puts people around the world into states of depression. The Biblical proverb "Without a vision the people perish" relates to the times we have been living in. But there are creative ways out of the cesspools.

As a futurist, I have worked to articulate and organize a vision of an ecological city, one that lives in balance with nature rather than destroys nature. With Baghdad and New Orleans in ruins, we are in dire need of vision on how to build a 21 st Century ecological city or arcology that uses advanced technologies to liberate us. Such organization could lead us to a new level of democratic and artistic structures of peace. I have images that could be used on your program to illustrate these structures.

A national debate on which design plan best serves the needs of all Americans should be created if we are not to fall back on the old patterns of industrial development that has caused us to pollute the planet to the point of affecting global climate change. As more and more of our ecosystems collapse because of destructive developmental patterns, we will see more major natural disasters and catastrophic wars. Every bioregion is stressed out because of human habitat encroachment. In the Southwest, government is in denial about water shortages in years to come due to the over development and overuse of the Colorado river; in the North East acid rain threatens to destroy forests and produces dead lakes; in California millions of people live in earthquake zones practically next to nuclear power plants.

I'm asking your program to host a show about designing and building an ecological city to replace New Orleans . Guests could include integrated design architect William McDonough author of Cradle to Cradle, futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard author of Conscious Evolution, Richard Register author of Ecocities, and myself.

Libby Hubbard has doctorate in Future Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst . For a year and a half she lived and worked at Arcosanti, architect Paolo Soleri's urban laboratory. Since then, she has developed her "Lovolution" web site on her theory of conscious evolution, arcology, and lovolution, a world-wide paradigm shift in science/design development patterns.



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