Lovolution Village is seeking partners in creating the world's first arcology. Using Barbara Marx Hubbard's Wheel of Cocreation, one can visualize what kinds of connections are needed to create an arcology. Arcology is the reflection of a city in the image of the people. Arcology is the physical container for global democracy, a structure built from common sense. Arcology, as a container for social liberation, has the potential to become a rallying point for the world peace movement and the future home for the global counter culture, who sociologist Paul Ray calls the "cultural creatives" (50 million adults in the United States).

It takes us uniting together for peace to build an evolutionary architecture that works in balance with nature. Uniting for peace to build arcology gives the peace and global justice movements a physical goal to unite around, not just caring for the poor or providing a living wage to workers in the dysfunctional system, but by building arcology, it transforms ancient forms of mental and economic structural slavery. Uniting for peace to build arcology gives people a new vision to see what our labor and tax money could manifest. Arcology requires us to convert our current inflated military budget into building a container for peace, an arcology that is designed to utilize renewal energies. In a world of global climate change, arcology is our future security.

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard has been developing the concept of the Peace Room. Unlike the Pentagon's sophisticated war room mapping out all their enemies and strategies to defeat them, the equally sophisticated peace room would be a place on the Internet as well as in towns, cities, and nations, where the best practices and organizations for around the world that are involved in developing a new paradigm for peace converge. The peace room would scan for projects and experiments that are working to create a better world, map out these places, and communicate and network with people and organizations who are working on the cutting edge of evolution in building a peaceful model of 21 st Century life.

The "Peace Room" has been expanded by Hubbard and Congressman Dennis Kucinich to become the "Department of Peace," a cabinet-level department in the executive branch of the Federal Government which would be responsible for studying and developing conditions that are conductive to both domestic and international peace.

My feeling is that the Department of Peace should make human beings' relationship to nature as a top priority. To take a serious look at the way we have exploited nature and to understand what the consequences are from this abuse, one feels the urgency in our need to shift development from a car-centered urban sprawl culture to a car-free compact urban culture. To do so, means to build arcology. Arcology is a metaphor for peace, in all its forms.

If you are interest in joining us to pioneer this new consciousness and way of life, please contact us. We would like link with people who are resonating with this vision. Arcology can't be built by one man alone; it takes a global village to raise an arcology. It takes true synergetic democracy to create arcology. It takes a political party adopting arcology into a Platform of a Positive Future. We are looking for this party and need it NOW!



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Eutopia or Oblivion?