Why Contribute to Lovolution Village?

We are all on a sinking Spaceship Earth. Rich or poor, our children don't have a positive future under the present system of planetary mismanagement. The segregation of rich and poor into different parts of the world, different parts of a city or neighborhood isn't the solution to ending the suffering of poverty and the material abuse of excessive consumption of the planet's resources that we witness everyday in the United States.

Even the rich, who have all their needs met thousands of times over, don't win in a world where billions of people don't have adequate housing, healthcare, education, and other of the basic necessities to live a dignified life. Rich and poor alike, breathe the same toxic air, most of it coming from automobiles of those who can afford them. There is no escape from the environmental holocaust and the chaotic sprawling cities that we have created. Democracy is only a hollow word in a society that isn't founded on providing basic human rights and material equality for all.

But there is a way out of the guilt-producing inequalities by building an entirely new kind of city design, arcologies founded on a design to root out structural inequality, racism, sexism, and classism. It has the potential to build a world of the universal human, a human that is judged in society by her or his ethical character and rises to the top of their vocations through their good works and personal merit. Rich or poor, the way out of the social, political, economic, and environmental disaster is by using our creativity. Arcologies are a collective artwork that invites everyone to find her or his noble self needed to create a higher order of things.

According to a New York Times August 10 th, 2005 article, “Private Company Plans $100 Million Tour Around the Moon,” there are 500 to 1,000 people in the world who can afford to pay $100 million for a ride around the moon. These are the same people who can afford to buy a $100 million yacht. If these people would look into their hearts and contribute to a new design that liberates us from the class divisions that have cause countless wars on this planet and threatens to annihilate the world, why not do it? Why not create heaven, nirvana, paradise, or whatever you call the good world on Earth, if there is a blueprint to do so? If this blueprint could actually create a society based on renewable technologies and recycling of wastes so that our mortal lives revolve around our species' immortality, why not invest?

Why contribute? Because once you realize the beauty and wisdom of arcology, it is like a light beaming through your soul. The world of the mansion and the slum, of traffic jams and commuter drives, of wars for oil and nuclear weapons no longer makes sense. You realize investing in such a world only leads to destruction and doom.

Even if you were to pay $100 million dollars for a joy ride and adventure trip to the moon, on your return from the moon you see the vast environmental damage done to the Earth in the 20th Century. You see massive areas of deforestation around the world. You see the polar of ice caps melting enough to open the Northwest Passage. You see pollution in the atmosphere and the smoke from slash-burning which drifts for hundreds of miles out to sea. You see water pollution spewing into rivers and harbors from factories. At night, you see the lights of the industrialize world. You realize how tragic it is for urban dwellers that the light pollution has blocked out the Milky Way Galaxy from the night sky on Earth. Our visual connection with the Cosmos has been lost.

Stepping back to the earth from the Space shuttle, you want to share your knowledge with others about what you have learned about our fragile planet. You want to be a part of a solution of how to end this nightmare to save our human family and all the other species that are threatened with extinction.

You want, with all your heart, to be part this quantum leap in the way we perceive home. You know how important it is that Outer Space research focuses on Mission to Planet Earth, using Outer Space missions to observe environmental destruction. You also want to do something constructive to restore our global ecology. You realize that in order to do this we must live in a new way with Earth. Arcology is a container for this new ecological lifestyle. It could free us to see the heavens from Earth again.

We will not make this transition from one civilization pattern to another without your earnest support. Every dollar that goes towards the building of arcology goes into our long-term survival.

Why donate to Lovolution Village? Because you have experienced what the poet Dante Alighieri said when he was lead to Paradiso, “the love that moves the sun and other stars." This is the same love that builds arcology. Every dollar you give is precious to our positive future.




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