What is Arcology ?

"If there is to be a future, it will wear the crown of feminine design."
Sri Aurobindo

Arcology or ecological architecture is a container for world peace. It is the materialization of eons of collective knowledge arranged with the best technology and ecological practices from around the world. Arcology is our greatest work of art guided by human compassion. Arcology varies in form with the changing environmental and climatic conditions of its surroundings. It allows us to visualize life in inhabitable environments such as in Outer Space or underneath the sea. With arcology, we can reach for the stars in peace.

Arcology liberates space for social, political, and intimate relationships to develop more honestly and within a beautifully sustainable relationship with Planet Earth. It aligns us with the Cosmos so that we achieve the infinite in our everyday lives. Protecting us from natural elements, it reflects a womb-like structure in that it contains the whole body of a city within its minimized, energy effective complex structure.

Arcology symbolizes a care-based, nourishing, global wisdom culture where arts and sciences are revered; a culture where love heals our wounded hearts that have lived in the prison of the isolation and chaos of modern civilization. Arcology creates boundaries between cityscapes, agricultural, and wilderness lands so that everyone can be raised with the ability to explore the wonders of nature and feel connected with its mysteries and divine grace.

Arcology allows endangered species to reclaim their habitat. When we start to save the threatened floral and fauna, we begin saving ourselves. Arcology is a container of our deliverance, a refuge needed to safeguard us from global climate change. Either we evolve our consciousness to overcome the global crisis by building a network of arcologies, or we move hours closer to the break down of social order, a minute closer to total oblivion. If arcology is truly "evolutionary architecture," then arcology is our collective salvation.

Arcology transcends and transforms existing religious traditions by going to the source of creation by building a feminine design, a design that allows love between the sexes to mature and for our offspring to be raised in a global village that embraces world peace.

Arcology and Cradle-to-Crade Industrial Design: A New Social Paradigm



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