The Mission of Lovolution Village


The mission of Lovolution Village is to begin a national dialogue on the reconstruction of New Orleans based on arcological principles. Since the destruction of New Orleans was caused by a faulty engineering structures and centuries-old unsound environmental policies, the time is now to re-examine the nature of cities from their geological locations to their physical and social foundations.

In the face of environmental and human disaster, the time is now to enact a Global Marshal Plan with the resurrection of New Orleans into the world’s first arcology. To do so we are proposing that the new New Orleans become an urban experiment in renewable energies and Cradle to Cradle economic practices. From now on, everything that is produced and manufactured aligns with the highest standard of environmental health. Clean, green industry is the rule in arcologies where water that goes into industrial processes is as clean as when it exits industrial processes.

The Gross National Product indicator that places no value on environmental health and a high value on armaments and war technologies is replaced by a Quality of Life indicator, a cultural and spiritual indictor of the ways we are learning to live in a healthier partnership with Planet Earth. As we invest in arcology, our global currency becomes based on work that leads to the well being of the planet allowing a green paradigm to emerge. Home economics begins to center around what it should be focused on if it is to achieve sustainability, ecology as the basis of ecocity design.

We realized that to reach this giant task, a transformation from a consumerist life-style to a life-style of “reverential ecology” moves us forward on the evolutionary spiral. Arcology New Orleans is a quantum leap, an environmental revolution, creating an original pattern that could influence 21st Century development throughout the world. Not only would arcology New Orleans house the million evacuates who fled flooded New Orleans, but could also be a model for rehousing the 3 billion people throughout the world who are living in poverty conditions.

The $100 billion dollars allotted by Congress for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and the millions of dollars given by foreign governments and private corporations could be the beginning of the financial resources needed to build the world’s first arcology. The half a trillion dollars a years that is spent on weapons can eventually be converted into building a network of arcologies through the world.

So, let the dialogue begin on what plan is best and what is the wisest way to spend our resources for the benefit of all beings on Earth. It is time that Americans engaged with all their might in a project with the potential of shifting the world’s suffering into living a life of joy with the faith that we can overcome our ancient problems and find the beloved community where love is the indicator of world peace.


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