No More Secrets:

Some Comments on the film, The Secret

By Doctress Neutopia

That is what I am made for; I am made for Eden.

Thomas Merton



The Secret deals with a positive psychology of loving and knowing yourself. It calls one to do the work you were called by the Spirit within you to do. I yearn to embrace the message of the documentary film, but part of the message of the film I cannot embrace because it can never lead to a better world for all.

The “secret” I have been searching for is, to quote Bucky Fuller, “how do we make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone?'' Fuller was convinced that we have, for the first time in history, the ability to “take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than any have ever known.” He wrote, “All humanity now has the option to become enduringly successful.” He thought that to achieve this success requires us “to reorient world production away from weaponry—from killingry to livingry.”

In one sequence of The Secret, the teachers clearly imply that social protest movements haven't worked to create world peace because they are “anti-something.” Jack Canfield, founder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series says, “You know the anti-war movement creates more war.” He says that by focusing on what we don't want we give energy to the thing we don't want. So the secret is to focus on “trust, love, living in abundance, education and peace” rather than resist the problem. According to The Secret , the teachers say if you are anti-war, be pro-peace. During the pro-peace speeches, the filmmakers show images from various protest movements of the past suggesting that such social protest efforts didn't work.

Even though the anti-war movement of the 1960s and early 1970s didn't stop other wars from occurring, it strongly helped end the war in Vietnam. Likewise, the anti-slavery movement didn't put an end to racism, but it did make slavery illegal in the United States . The anti-sexism of the women's movement didn't stop sexism, but it did make it possible for a woman to become a head of corporation or get elected to public office. Even though the anti-pollution movement hasn't restored our balance with nature, it has resulted in some corporations adjusting their pollution levels. Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in today if there had not been resistance movements that were lead by such luminaries as Mahatma Gandhi, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela?

“The secret,” according to its teachers, is that there is a law of attraction, and that we live in a universe full of abundance. There is enough for everyone. If you want a new car, all you have to do is imagine yourself driving a new car and somehow the genie of the universe will manifest it for you. In the film, philosopher Bob Proctor states that the one percent of American society owns 96% of the wealth because they possess the secret to manifest wealth. Now that the secret is out, anyone can become part of the “secret” class!

An example of this power is seen in the life of Jack “Chicken Soup” Canfield. Canfield tells us of his humble roots raised by an abusive father, who taught him that rich people stole their wealth from the poor. But when he met W. Clement Stone, who taught him the secret, he was able to become super-rich, have a multi-million dollar house, take vacations to all the paradise hotspots around the world, and be married to a beautiful wife.

If most people want the American Dream as Jack Canfield infers, how will our planet be able to support the endless supply of universal consumer catalogue of goods? Do we seriously believe that astronomers will discover six Earth-like planets full of new resources soon enough to avert a collision course between the haves and have-nots and sustain the current lifestyle consumption rate of the First World? Because if everyone consumed as much as Canfield by following the teachings of The Secret, there would be no biosphere! There just isn't enough clean air, water, soil and landmass left to go on living the America dream celebrity/fantasy culture, and this is a scientific fact.

As an image of a low-caste Indian snake charmer appears on the screen, metaphysician Joe Vitale asserts that not everyone wants the mansion, the BMW, the fabulous vacations, and the new clothes. Is Vitale suggesting that some of us actually want to live in urban slums? One out of six people on Earth, or one billion people, live in Third World slums. More than a billion people don't even have access to clean water. That number could double in 30 years. But you would never know it from viewing The Secret. When you see someone in the film from the Third World, they look happy working in the rice paddies, likely growing mono culture crops to be consumed by the First World .

The teachers in the film tell us that there is no need to worry about our resources being used up. John Assaraf says, “Just when we think resources are dwindling, we find new resources to achieve the same things.” I hope they have a secret plan to bring back the polar ice caps, old growth forests, and restore the extinct species that are gone because of their chosen lifestyle.

So, the real secret—the big question--is how to evolve our egocentric American dream into a planetary dream that can work for 100% of humanity? How do we move from a fragmented consciousness that focuses on “me, mine, and yours” to a unitive consciousness? How do we change from this individualistic, “all me,” status quo to the primordial state that recoveries our collective wisdom?

The truth is that wanting a new car and big house is not going to bring about peace. Instead, such thinking utilizes what could be called—the law of distraction, to escape the reality that the private car and the American lifestyle are destroying the biosphere. Building new car-free, ecological cities—arcologies--an architectural concept developed by Paolo Soleri, could be a way to achieve, not only individual success, but species success, which is necessary for the ultimate liberation of people and their societies.

If only the secret club composed of the fraction of one percent of the wealthy elite would invest their energy in constructing a prototype arcology, then maybe they would be part of the solution. Manifesting arcology would give rich folks, who have presumably learned the secret, a chance to help those who need it the most.

Not only would they be developing a new archetype in architecture, but new integrated forms of social architecture in the areas of health, education, communication, government, justice and economic systems wired together with 21 st Century technologies. Then, perhaps everybody would believe that there is really something good about The Secret because if the secret can't be manifested for everyone, well, it really doesn't matter, does it? We will be extinct, just like all the other species undergoing mass extinction due to human inability to design a lifestyle that works in harmony with Nature.

Creating peace arcologies is possible and necessary for the survival of our species. No longer can success be measured in terms of the individual, but in terms of the transformation of our species into creatures with a divine lifestyle deeply rooted in what Martin Luther King called the “Beloved Community,” sharing and using wisely the resources of Gaia. We don't need people imagining any more cars. Our cities have been destroyed because of the dominance of the car and its needs. The annual rate of growth of the car industry in China is 20% a year, making our world even more of an auto hell. We need to envision riding on a clean, safe mass transit system working as efficiently as our blood stream. Using our collective intelligence, we can do this humanity!

So, here is my transmutation of The Secret's visualization technique: Visualize a planetary metamorphosis. Focus on it with unwavering faith. Realize that we create our own reality by creating a reality that is successful for all life on Earth. Transcend your ego out to your Earth-centered consciousness, moving from egocentric Homo sapiens to Gaia sapiens. See your creative and loving self finding your true purpose for being alive within the radically new network of arcologies. There are no more rich and poor classes, no slaves or masters.

Picture yourself riding throughout the arcology (ecocity) gliding, pollution-free on a maglev train to your chosen job working in an organic garden, or crossing the ocean on a hydrogen-powered H-airliner (jetliner) to a meeting about global management. Envision living in a solar-powered world where all creation is respected for the essence of its being. All humans have their basic human needs met, and have the time and resources to develop their soul's gift. Nature has the space it needs to be wild and beautiful, doing its job of regulating the climate for our protection and comfort.

I see rich people and nations pooling their resources together to construct a foundation of a 21 st century architecture based on social justice and universal love. I see the people's tax money once wasted on buying bullets, guns, tanks, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, ballistic missiles, and nuclear weapons now going into altering our unsustainable cities into arcologies.

I have steadfast faith that the rich leaders of the new spirituality movement have heard the secret in time! I hear them urging their audiences to contribute to Lovolution --a non-violent world-wide movement to build a loving community of sacred arcologies. Through their books, tapes, and web sites, New Age thinkers are teaching people that the move from private to public modes of high-tech transportation within pedestrian-oriented arcologies is practical and gives everyone equal access to the wealth of the world.

Visualizing new modes of transportation within a new city design is but one component needed to create the infrastructure for a fourth dimensional, global democracy that allows more freedom and complexity to emerge than was possible in the pre-visionary dinosaur, fossil fuel, crime ridden, war-centered cities. This is the way we cooperatively ascend to Eden—that state of bliss found in the Eternal Now-- because only this way can we preserve the world for our children and grandchildren.

The time of the great detachment from the old institutions and unsustainable, patriarchal housing patterns has finally come! We are the people of the Quantum Leap! We are moving to our true home, the place where we can be who we really are, universal humans with open hearts eager to explore the inner levels of our minds as well as the outer limits of the stars.

The Secret emphasizes “the attitude of gratitude.” So here is my final visualization. I'm grateful to the universe the rich have invested their money in Lovolution. We are in the process of making a documentary video interviewing social visionaries called Lovolution Faze One. To continue my revised visualization: the resources, genius, talent, and marketing necessary to make a world-class documentary that changes the vibration of the planet is here now, using the law of attraction to pull us forward on the evolutionary spiral. First comes the consciousness shift uniting the collective will to build the New Age of arcologies, and then comes the fun part, making the blueprints real. Yes, we do build our own reality: one for arcology and arcology for all!

Correspondence between The Prophet's Conference founder, Robin Johnson, and Doctress Neutopia about The Secret.



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