Campaign to Use Arizona State Trust Land
to build America's First Arcology

Save me!



There has been much debate going on between land developers and conservationists on how to develop or protect Arizona State Trust Land. To comply with the Arizona State Constitution that declares that the land should be sold to those with the “highest and best use,” then the land should be kept by the State of Arizona and turned into a State Land Trust with the purpose of housing one million people in a model solar-powered arcology. Arcology, a word coin by world famous architect Paolo Soleri, is a car-free ecological city.

By building an urban laboratory of solar engineering and “cradle to cradle” ecological design on the land, its creation would fulfill the mission of using the land to support education in Arizona because arcology is a new kind of educational structure; every part of the arcology is a place of learning to live in harmony with the environment. Unlike the development pattern of car-crazy urban sprawl, the land surrounding an arcology remains wilderness, allowing for a new harmonious relationship between urbanism and the ecology to arise. Similar urban experiments are being conducted overseas under the direction of American architect William McDonough.

Its time to illuminate the phase “highest and best use” in the AZ constitution, not in terms of money, but in terms of our survival. We must save the ecosystem from being destroyed by the ugly, meaningless, and deadly pattern of strip-mall urbanization that has already destroyed most of our planet. We can design new type of city that matches the beauty, awe, magic, mystery and wonder of the Sonora Desert.

The time is now for environmental lawyers, environmentalists, conservationists, hydrologists, ecological designers, social architects, community activists, and evolutionary-minded politicians to challenge the current interpretation of AZ constitution on what to do about the remaining State Trust Land. By putting our heads and hearts together we can constructed an evolutionary architecture of our finest dreams to overcome the crisis of our times.

View from State Land Trust Tumamoc Hill

Is Anthem the "highest and best use" of State Trust Land?

Attention: I'm searching for an environmental lawyer, fund raiser, and a campaign manager to bring the Arcology Arizona design/science project to the global village.

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