Doctress Neutopia

aka Libby Hubbard, EdD



Doctorate in Education, UMass/Amherst, 1994.
M.Ed., in Future Studies, UMass/Amherst, 1988.
B.A., Art and Utopia, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1986.

Current Address: 1247 N. 13th Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705

Solo Exhibitions

1994 "The Cap and Gown Show" Graduate Lounge, UMass
1992 "New York City Series" Haymarket Cafe, Northampton, MA.
1990 "Planet Water: Conceptual Art by Doctor Neutopia" Student Union Gallery
1989 "Beyond Anti-Biotics" University Health Services Gallery, UMass, Amherst.
1988 "Ideas from the Unknown" Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA.
1988 exhibit of watercolors in Bread and Circus Whole Foods Supermarket Cafe, Hadley, MA.
1985 "Neutopian Images & Future Art" (Two person show) Student Union Art Gallery, UMass.
1982 "Visionary Art" Student Union Art Gallery, UMass.
1981 "Art Against Oil" High Point Public Library, NC
1980 "Art for the 21St Century" Greensboro Public Library, NC

Group Exhibitions

2004 Flash Gallery “Art 11,” Tucson, AZ
2004 Alamo Gallery “Orange Alert Show,” Tucson, AZ
2004 Flash Gallery shows: “After Hours”; “Democracy Wow!” Tucson, AZ
2004 Women Kraft Gallery “Globalization Show”, Tucson, AZ
2003 Las Sinfronteras Women’s Art Show Digital Images, Tucson, AZ
1999 Arcosanti residents annual show, Arcosanti, AZ
1993 "Mustache of Mary" Valley Women Artists Members Show, Amherst, MA
1992 "Violence" Valley Women Artists Members Show, Amherst, MA
1990 VWA/WCA Annual Juried Exhibition Howardena Pindell Juror, Northampton, MA
1989 "May Day, M'Aidez!" an audiovisual installation, Amherst, MA
1988 "Celebrating the Outrageous" Valley Women Artists Members Show, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
1988 "Let's Leave This Planet!" in honor of International Women's Week, Wheeler Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
1987 "Student Protest in the 80's", organized by Libby Hubbard. Student Union Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
1986 Paper Tiger, Centrum Gallery, Hampshire College, Amherst.
1985 "Emerging Artists Show," Greensboro Artist League, Greensboro, North Carolina
1985 "Art and Feminism," Student Union Art Gallery, UMass, Amherst
1985 "Art Against Apartheid," University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1984 "Zero Capacity," Student Union Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
1983, '84, '85, '86, '87, Traprock Peace Center Show and Art Auction, Thorne's Market Art Gallery, Northampton
1982 Fort Point Channel exhibition, Boston, MA.
1982 "Art is for Viewing" Franklin Dining Commons, UMass
1982 "Artists for the Nuclear Freeze," Thorne's Market, Northampton, MA

Lectures, Papers, Workshops, and Slide Shows

2004 The Wilderness Show, “Gaia Ritual” Performance Art piece, Green Fire Book Store, Tucson, AZ
2003 Rolling Thunder Review Panelist, Green Architecture and Arcology, Tucson, AZ
2003 The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment slide show, “Gaia and Lovolution”, Boston, Massachusetts
2001 Great Lakes Anti-Nuclear Action Camp: workshop “Lovolution” and Nukes”
2001 Green Party USA, presentation, “Arcology and the Green Movement.” Carbondale, Illinois
2001 International Communal Studies Association, paper presented, “The Trouble with Autocratic Architecture: a Critical and Cocreative look at the Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti Project. ZEGG Community, Germany
2000 Society for Utopian Studies, “Eros and Arcology” Society for Utopian Studies, Vancouver, Canada
2000 IV Ecocity International Conference, “Arcosanti, a Prototype Arcology.” Curitiba, Brazil
1999 Gaia in Oxford III Gaia and Natural Selection, St. Anne’s College 3rd-7th April poster session, “Gaia: The World Soul of Art and Science”.
1998 Society for Utopian Studies Annual Conference, “The Golden Carriage.” Montreal, Canada Oct 15th-18th 1998
1998 Communal Studies Association “Utopia Communities and Sustainability July 7th- 9th, 1998 Amsterdam. “A Challenge to the Global Ecovillage Network, Ecovillage Love and Sex.”
1996 “Liberation of Habitat 2” slide show Society for Utopian Studies Annual Conference, Nashville, Tenn.
1996 lecture and slide show given to Amnesty International UMass chapter on human rights abuses in Turkey
1996 “Digital Personae” lecture at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
1996 Essay presented at the Habitat 2: The City Summit, UN/NGO Forum for the People’s Decade of Human Rights Education, Istanbul, Turkey
Society For Utopian Studies paper presented: "The Declaration of Global Education For a Future: The Defense of Doctress Neutopia Against the University of Massachusetts Dictatorship, Toronto, Canada
1995 Slide show entitled, "The Settlement Hierarchy of South Africa: How Can We Move Beyond Western Culture?" Cultural Cartographies: Mapping the Postcolonial Moment North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
1994 Slide show entitled, "From the Anasazi Ruins to Biosphere 2, Arizona's Utopias and Dystopias" Society for Utopian Studies Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada
1994 Presenter at "The 1994 Alternative Media/Do-It-Yourself/Culture Conference" Amherst, MA
1993 Slide show entitled, "The Gaia World View," World Future Society Conference, Washington, D.C.
1992 Panelist, "What is Modern?" an interdisciplinary conference University of Massachusetts at Amherst
1991 Visiting Artist/Futurist, "Visualize Neutopia" Deerfield Elementary Schools, Deerfield, MA
1990 Chicopee Centennial Activity "Looking Forward" Create the Chicopee of 2090 Panelist Edward Bellamy Junior High School
1990 "Shifting Power" Women's Caucus For Art National Convention panelist on "Marquette for the Future" in NYC
1989 "Future View: The 1990's and Beyond" World Future Society Conference, Washington, D.C. Panelist
1989 Valley Women Artists/ WCA Panel discussion "Art and Healing" Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.
1987 Slide show entitled, "A Glimpse of Paradise" given at the World Future Society Conference on Education, Cambridge, MA.

Publications by and about Doctress Neutopia

2002 Design Your Own Utopia See Sharp Press; Tucson, AZ
1995 Article by Kevin Hodgson, "Amherst futurist discovers spirituality, love on Internet" Springfield Union-News, January 3rd
1994 Article by Christopher Hassett, "Student uses Internet to spread religious ideas" Massachusetts Daily Collegian, December 9th
1994 Article by Deirdre Galvin, Doctress Neutopia: Love blooms in Cyberspace" Amherst Bulletin, December 2nd
1994 Photo in Newsweek Magazine and mentioned in an article entitled, "The Search for the Sacred: America's Quest for Spiritual Meaning." November 28th
1994 mentioned in Wired Magazine December Issue under netsurfing
1994 Mondo 2000 letter: "The Feminization of Cyberspace"
1994 The Liberator Essay: "The Exit Meeting"
1993 Quoted in an article criticizing Ross Perot, Daily Hampshire Gazette, June 14th
1993 The Natural Sovereignty of Womankind published by Neutopian Time and Space
1993 poems in Burning Redcoats!
1992-1994 Graduate Voice Essays: "The Union of Action and Love,"
"Big Brother is still Watching", "No Future in Grants for Future Research", "The Greatest Threat” poem: "The Garden of Love."
1991 The Paper poem, "He Walked Out of the Woods"
1990 Radical Solutions, drawings published
1989 "To Whom It May Concern." Takeover! Ed.Terisa E.Turner and Timothy A.Belknap. Amherst: International Oil Working Group, Inc.
1989 Cover of Valley Women Artists/Women's Caucus for Art newsletter
1988 Cover of Fred Magazine, Amherst
1988 The Way to Neutopia poetry book published by Chiricahua Art Gallery, Rodeo, New Mexico
1988 Staff Writer for Arts in Mass Daily Collegian, Amherst
1986, '85 Woodcuts published in Commuter News, Amherst
1986 Woodcuts published in Critical Times, Amherst
1984 Drawing and poems published in Valley Women's Voice, Amherst
1983, '84,'85, '86, work published in Spectrum, Amherst
1981 Poetry published in Coraddi Literary Magazine, Greensboro, North Carolina
1981 Published The Peace Renaissance by Laughing Waters Press, Boulder, Colorado
1980 Poems published in Rolling Stone Magazine N.Y.C.; New York Waterways N.Y.C.; New York Madness News, San Francisco, California; New Voices, Lowell, Massachusetts
1979?1981 Letters published in The Carolinian UNCG newspaper, Greensboro, North Carolina


Foundress of Usenet Newsgroup: alt.society.neutopia, summer 1994
World Wide Web page:

Management and elected positions

May 1998-Aug. 2000 Paradox Program On-Site Coordinator
1999 Arcosanti Community Council/Community Leaders
1998-1999 Town Meeting Member, Amherst, Massachusetts
1993 Member of the Chancellor's Civility Commission
1989 Organizer, fundraiser, etc. for Paolo Soleri Conference
1988/87 UMass Arts Council member
1988/87 Gallery Assistant, Northampton Center for the Arts
1989 Organizer, fundraiser, etc. for Paolo Soleri Conference
1986 Photography Editor, Spectrum
1983, '84 Arts Editor, Spectrum Fine Arts and Literary Magazine,




Human Extinction or Lovolution?