Who Am I, an Artist’s Statement

October 2004



Love of art, art of love, art of life, life of art, love of life, life of love

Education philosopher, John Dewey, thought that the essence of education is art. I agree with him. Life is an art and the art of life is love. Love brings us self and cosmic awareness, local and global community. Experience with love brings wisdom. With wisdom comes the vision of how we can and must live in love and peace with Gaia. This is a utopian question. It is the vision of utopia that I have concentrated my intellectual and spiritual life on discovering.

Now, several years before I turn the milestone of 50 years of age, I have enough years behind me to review the mistakes I made along the path of this incarnation to see how, regardless of the mistakes, the path has lead me to a good state of mind, even when the USA is in a war against terrorists. A war I think is criminal. As more and more Iraqis and American soldiers are killed each day, the lines between us and them blurs to the point that the USA is indistinguishable among the terrorists. We find the murderous enemy is within us tearing our souls apart as well as destroying our life support system, the global ecology.

Living in America feels as though we are in a civil war with ourselves. The egoistical self acts as if it is separated from Gaia, trapped in a competitive, nationalistic world where the measure of success is based on how much money one has in the bank. Then there is the universal self who is sensitive to the deeper knowledge of nature, and through the heart feels a profound connection with Gaia, moving beyond the five senses to a place of multidimensional reality. A Gaian sapien wants to give creative gifts to further the evolution of the species, where as the egoistical self is only concerned with one’s personal riches, family, or nation-state but doesn’t care for the totality of existence.

Such a divided political reality causes me moments of depression, negativity, and a self-defeating state of mind that is paralyzing. But designing Lovolution.net has given me a new spirit that I can create a global forum for myself and others who realize the challenge we face living in between social paradigms, the paradigm of war and the paradigm of peace. My life is a reflection of this great shift in consciousness.

Libby Hubbard, the legal name I was given by my parents at birth, has a doctorate in Future Studies. I have struggled to find a place to be able to speak and teach. There are times when I feel so much cultural oppression that I feel imprisoned in a violent culture that is hostile to my vision of love and peace. Overcoming spending years in a dysfunctional family system and poorly informed, if not morally corrupted, educational system, I was able to emerge as a free thinker choosing to follow my vocation instead of following a career. The vocational path of Lovolution metamorphosed me into Doctress Neutopia.

Doctress Neutopia, the higher self of Libby Hubbard, is a universal being connected with the spirit of the age, a visionary futurist, advocate of human rights and arcology. As an epic poetess of Lovolution, I’m striving to find social architecture that works for everyone, at all levels of development. I paint the inner world of Gaia, the living breath within me, with watercolors and gouache. As a digital artist, I form collages with my utopian messages. I’m devoted to conscious evolution and bringing about ecological survival for eukaryotic life. Building partnerships with others who are seeking to inspire a new spirituality movement is important to my evolution.

Which of these aspects of myself, the one trapped in a brutal system that at all times since I was born has been has been threatened with a nuclear 9/11, with no hope of escaping into a better world, or Doctress Neutopia, a CyberQueen with a blueprint of cultural evolution inside my infinite self will help to lead us towards planetary consciousness?

I know that the more I transform into Doctress Neutopia and shed the skin of Libby Hubbard, the more the butterfly within me is liberated and the more the world around me becomes a place where the love of art and the art of love is nourished and I will be able to influence the global culture in positive directions.


Human Extinction or Lovolution?